Bimuno Daily Prebiotic - 30 x 3.65g Sachets

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Boosts bifidobacteria in seven days*

What is Bimuno

Bimuno® is a daily food supplement containing the unique prebiotic, active ingredient B-GOS® (Galactooligasaccharide). B-GOS® works by selectively increasing the level of bifidobacteria and other health-promoting bacteria found in the gut.


What does Bimuno do?

Bimuno naturally feeds and increases the friendly bacteria in your gut; for optimal benefit, it reaches the lower gut intact, with significant increases of friendly bacteria in just seven days. Formulated with the knowledge that more than 60% of the immune system is in the gut, it works with the natural systems in the body to improve immune function and influence general health and wellbeing.


How do I take Bimuno?

BIMUNO® DAILY POWDER - Take one sachet daily, dissolved in tea, coffee, juice or other drink, or sprinkled over food.


When should I take Bimuno?

Bimuno® can be taken any time of the day, as part of your daily routine. For maximum benefit, try to take it around the same time every day.


How often should I take Bimuno?

Some people take Bimuno® when they get GI symptoms. However, the majority of our customers take Bimuno® everyday and feel the benefits in their overall health & wellbeing.


What should I expect when taking Bimuno for the first time?

When you take Bimuno® for the first time, it will take 3 days to start feeding your bifidobacteria. 

Days 4-7: You may experience some gurgling in your gut. This is a good sign as it means Bimuno® is beginning to change your microbiota (the bacteria in your gut)

Days 8-14: Your microbiota is now changed and Bimuno® is feeding and nurturing your beneficial bacteria

Published studies have shown that, with daily use, the majority of Bimuno® users experience an increase in their gut bifidobacteria within 7 days, although individual responses may vary*. 

Within the first week of taking Bimuno®, you may experience some stomach gurgling and rumbling which then subsides. This is a good sign, as it means Bimuno® is working.

You may want to consult with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners before trying Bimuno® if you are suffering from any health problems and/or using prescription medications.


Is it safe to take Bimuno long-term?

Yes, it is safe to take Bimuno® long term. We recommend you take Bimuno® as part of your daily routine, you then ensure an adequate number of beneficial bacteria thrive in your gut and help you maintain a healthy digestive system.



Galacto- oligosaccharides, Lactose, Glucose, Galactose 


Research Studies


Effects of Prebiotics vs a Diet Low in Fodmaps in Patients with Functional Gut Disorder


Can a galacto-oligosaccharide reduce the risk of traveller's diarrhoea? A placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind study.


Nutritional Information


  per sachet (3.65g) per 100g
Energy 41.5kj/10.1kcal 1138kj/276kcal
Fat <0.1g <0.1g
(of which saturates) <0.0g <0.1g
Carbohydrates 2.0g 42.1g
(of which sugars) 1.0g 15.6g
Fibre 2.0g 53.4g
Protein 0.0g 0.1g
Salt <0.1g 2.0g
Galacto-oligosaccharides 2.9g 79.7g