Deuterium Explorer (Saliva, Urine or Water Samples via Isotope Mass Spectrometry)

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What is Deuterium?

Deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen with an atomic mass two times as much as hydrogen. Therefore deuterium is commonly referred to as heavy hydrogen and can interact in chemical reactions in place of regular hydrogen.

Deuterium is naturally occurring in nature and helps organisms like bacteria, flies and young animals (including human babies) grow faster.

In humans, as we reach biological maturity, excess amounts of environmental deuterium can make us age faster, and may contribute to diseases like cancer, obesity and diabetes. Excess deuterium may be disruptive to our energy-producing mitochondria and all three-dimensional structures in the body. 

The body has natural mechanisms to deplete deuterium from our bodies, one being a healthy gut microbiome.

Unfortunately, the location you live in, environmental pollution and poor diet and lifestyle choices may cause excess accumulation of deuterium in your body. This may impede our ability to effectively deplete deuterium leading to sickness, the inefficient function of organs, enzymes and a lack of energy.

What is the Solution?

One of the highest exposure to deuterium comes from our water and food. To assist your body to naturally deplete deuterium, experts recommend choosing water and food sources with a depleted deuterium content.



We have developed a test kit to:

- analyse deuterium content in urine or saliva samples 

- help you choose the lowest deuterium content water/beverages* to assist with your wellness objectives

 *juices, soft drinks, kombucha, coconut water and many more


Our sample kit contains everything you need to hygienically collect your sample.


A report outlining ppm deuterium will be sent electronically 2 to 3 weeks after receipt of your sample.

A postage paid return satchel is included.